A place to belong and become
who God is calling us to be


Connecting People to Christ


Love God
Grow Community
Serve Others


The Bible

We believe the Bible is the authoritative Word of God.

One God

We believe in One God as seen in God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

God the Father

  • God is eternal. He was in the beginning and will be for all eternity.

  • God created everything.

  • God created each person in His own image, therefore all human life has value.

  • God created each person to live in a relationship with Him, however, this relationship has been broken because of our sin

God the Son, Jesus Christ

  • Jesus Christ is God, the Son. 

  • Jesus Christ was sent from Heaven to Earth by God to share a message of forgiveness and restore our relationship with Him.

  • Jesus died to save all people from the eternal consequences of their sin.

  • Jesus rose again and is alive in Heaven today. He gives believers new life for today and for eternity.

  • Jesus is the only way to salvation.

  • Jesus gives salvation as a free gift to those who trust in Him alone.

God the Holy Spirit

  • The Holy Spirit draws us into living our relationship with Jesus.

  • The Holy Spirit empowers those who believe to tell others about salvation through Jesus Christ.

  • The Holy Spirit guides those who believe to live a life that pleases God and connects others to Christ.


The Commandments

We value the two Great Commandments, to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and to love others as ourselves.

The Great Commission

We value the Great Commission which commands us to teach others about God and to lead all people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. 

The Great Confession

We value the Great Confession.  We confess our belief in Jesus Christ just as Peter did in Matthew 16:16 when Jesus asked, "Who do you say I AM?"  Peter replied, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."

We value Loving God through

  • joyful worship

  • proclamation of God's Word

  • confession of sins and prayer

  • the Sacraments (baptism and communion)

We value Growing Community by

  • studying God's word together through Christian Education and Small Groups

  • gathering together to share Christ-centered life

  • actively inviting everyone to connect with Christ and grow with Him

We value Serving Others through

  • ministry support inside the church

  • loving our neighbors outside the church
  • local and global mission support


Trinity Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

We hold to the teachings of Christ found in the Bible, while our expression of faith is grounded in Lutheran doctrine. All people are welcome to come and Connect to Christ at Trinity Church.