Rule of Life

Evaluating priorities.

Reshaping faith and life practices.

During this health crisis, many have been asking themselves, "What will life be like when "normal" returns? What do I want to prioritize?" Based on the survey responses Trinity has received over the last two months, it appears that people are seeking change.


We believe this is a stirring of the Holy Spirit and His calling to put first things first. Pastor Dave Parrish and Trinity's Worship Leader, Nathan Carlton, have prepared this "Rule of Life"  series as a tool for you to use while processing and pondering what these changes might be and how to implement them. In the videos below, you'll hear Dave and Nathan share their own challenges and successes as they each created a personalized rule of life. They will also share how to create one for yourself.

Trinity appreciates the opportunity to walk with you in this season of transformation. We are grateful that God never leaves us where we are, but He calls us to change for His glory and our good.


May we all pray for one another and cheer each other on as we experience God's grace and goodness in our lives. 

Should you have questions about creating your own Rule of Life,

please reach out to Pastor Dave or Nathan Carlton for discussion. 

A brief overview of the "Rule of Life" in Christian faith and practice.

Dave and Nathan share their stories about how they first became interested in the "Rule of Life" and how it is a gift which enables us to live in loving union with God.

We cannot make changes to promote future growth unless we have a healthy perspective on our lives in the present. In this video, Dave and Nathan break down how to take an inventory of your current life stage, commitments, and responsibilities.

Two final Rule of Life videos coming soon.

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