Matt Pearson

Matthew 2:1-12

Pastor Matt talks about how the only gift we can bring to God is worship.

29 December 2019

Erik Boye

Judges 2:6-11, John 14:1-6

An all saints day message of comfort and hope for those who have lost loved ones.

3 November 2019

Erik Boye

Judges 2:6-11, John 14:1-6

It's Confirmation Day at Trinity as we look at how Reformation and Confirmation affect the modern church

27 October 2019

Erik Boye

A celebration of Vacation Bible School

9 June 2019


John 4:1-26

For Palm Sunday 2019, Trinity presents "This Did Not Happen By Chance!" a story focusing on the life of Jesus on his time on earth through monologues of Biblical characters surrounding the story.

14 April 2019

Erik Boye

Jonah 1

A snowy day means that we take a break from our current series and enjoy a standalone on Jonah.

24 February 2019

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