Heroes Of Faith

Matt Pearson

1 September 2019

The story of "Abram to Abraham" is a story of God's faithfulness. Pastor Matt closes our summer "Heroes of Faith" series with the story of Abraham.

Genesis 15:6, Hebrews 11:8

Dave Parrish

18 August 2019

I Kings 19:9-21

Erik Boye

12 August 2019

Noah showed great obedience to God when building the ark. We continue our Heroes of the Faith series with the story of Noah.

Genesis 6:8-22; Luke 11:27-28

Erik Boye

4 August 2019

Saul, David, and Soloman all were kings of Israel. How did each of their stories play into God's plan? This week we continue with our summer series: "Heroes of Faith."

Matthew 12:38-42; Psalm 51:10-12

Erik Boye

28 July 2019

What would it look like to follow God's instruction for our life? We turn to the battle of Jericho this week as we continue our Heroes of Faith story with Joshua.

Joshua 6:15-25, John 14:15-21

Matt Pearson

21 July 2019

Living counter culturally & remaining faithful in an idolatrous world

Daniel 6:4-5

Matt Pearson

14 July 2019

How do we react when we're faced with a seemingly impossible task? Do we react with fear or faith? We continue our summer series with the story of Caleb and the 12 spies.

Numbers 14:6-9

Erik Boye

7 July 2019

We continue our summer Heroes Of Faith series with the story of Sampson. Samson let his faith deteriorate to enjoy the pleasures of the world. How can you keep your faith when it seems the world is pulling you away?

Matthew 24:9-13

Erik Boye

30 June 2019

We continue our summer series: Heroes of Faith, with the story of Joseph. Joseph chose the path of integrity when tempted by Potiphar's wife, and though there were tought times, God vindicated Joseph completely. Our world works to tempt us as well. Stand firm, your vindication in God.

Genesis 39:6-12

Chase Florom

23 June 2019

How do we react when we are in the midst of hard times in life? Chase looks to Nehemiah to answer this important question in our summer series: Heroes of Faith

Nehemiah 1-2

Dave Parrish

16 June 2019

In facing Goliath, David ignored the voices of his family, King Saul, and Goliath and tuned into his calling from God.

1 Samuel 17:45-47

Erik Boye

2 June 2019

We countinue in our summer series on "Heroes of the Faith" with our Pentecost celebration on the Holy Spirit.

Acts 2

Matt Pearson

26 May 2019

Our summer series on "Heroes of Faith" kicks off with the story of Moses. However, as we dig into the story, we learn quickly that the power behind Moses is God. Exodus 7:14-11:10

Exodus 7:14-11:10

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